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Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to Year 6)

The Secondary school serves the developmental needs of students in Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9), Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) and Key Stage 5.

The IES curriculum for Years 7 to 11 is based upon the National Curriculum of England and Wales. It is modified slightly as all Arabic students will also study Arabic and Islamic studies whilst all students have to be taught Qatari History. In Years 12 and 13 we offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma, AS-level (one Year) and BTEC.

In Years 7-9 the curriculum follows the standards and learning outcomes as set out by the National Curriculum of England and Wales. All students take English, Mathematics, Geography, History and Science. Art, Music, and Physical Education are also an integral part of the curriculum in the Key Stage Three.

In Years 10 and 11 students opt to continue studying some subjects at (I)GCSE level. These are externally set syllabi with formal examinations at the end of Year 11. All students in Year 10 and 11 will study English, Mathematics and at least one Science subject.

Post 16 there are three options for our students: a one year AS level course where students take English and Mathematics and then choose three other subjects. These again are formally examined at the end of the year. Most students opting for this course will be aiming to go to foundation courses at University.

There is also a two year IB diploma course which is recognized by Universities all over the world and students opting to take this course are aiming to go straight to university degree programmes and it is very well regarded internationally.

We also offer Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diplomas which are specialist qualifications for those who have a clear view of their future career or want to progress to higher education. They are equivalent to A levels, and are highly valued by universities, around the world, and employers alike.

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