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Thank you for your interest in The Ideal English School


Thank you for your interest in The Ideal English School. We are pleased that you have chosen to consider IES for your child's future.

Please note that our waiting lists are E-based. If you wish to complete our application form to wait list your child or to arrange an entrance assessment,please complete our online application powered by infosnap.

Once you submit your child's application you will receive a confirmation Email and a reference number to use for follow ups during the application process. If your child's application is accepted, you will receive an Email from IES admissions to organise an entrance assessment followed by parental interviews.

Submitting an on-line application does not guarantee placement at IES. Please visit our Admissions Requirements page for further information on our admission policy and requirements.

  • Ensure that scanned copies of all documents are available when completing the online form. We are not able to review incomplete applications.
  • All records and documents must be submitted in English. Translated/certified copies of records must show an official stamp from the translator. The student's parents may not translate records.
  • Records from local government schools may be submitted in Arabic.
  • We accept applications throughout the year and students will be accepted based on availability and criteria.
  • All Applicants are required to sit for an admissions screening assessment followed by parental interview.

Provide previous 2 years of school reports.

We request any additional information that may assist us in the evaluation process:

  • Narrative reports
  • Summaries
  • Programme modifications of students, such as:
    • Psychological / Educational Evaluations
    • Academic Programme Recommendations
    • Behavior Modification Programmes
    • Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs)
  • Copy of passport/birth certificates
  • Current immunizations records of child.
  • Health History form.
  • Completed parents' questionnaire.

** The Ideal English School reserves the right to contact schools previously attended in order to validate records provided /or inquire about the student(s) in question.

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