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IES has a strong community-based education programme. Students are involved in service learning programmes and participate in activities that enhance the curriculum.

Community-based programmes are an important part of our students' experience at IES, they teach students about local environment and culture and also promote social responsibility. Some of the programmes focus on improving lives of others while others focus on caring for the environment.

We also offer community service hours that can be accumulated in view of college entrance. Some of our programmes are:


IES launched WWW in September 2013 for all students from Key Stage 2 and above. All our international trips will take place during our WWW. Also our Year 10 work experience programme will take place during the same week.


Media Studies students design, create, publish our Yearbook. The IES Yearbook is a treasured keepsake from a student's time at IES.


Student Council develops meaningful ways for students to get involved and show leadership both in and beyond the classroom. Student representatives are elected from each class, beginning with the Year 3 students. This group of elected students meets each week and provides input into ways of improving IES experience and also creates opportunities for students to demonstrate their talents, skills and develop new skills while planning activities that build IES community.


Activities that are provided after school hours. Extra Curricular Activities allow students:

  • • to take part in activities that they would not be able to do during the school day
  • • to improve their English and Maths skills

Prefects play an important part in the life of the primary school. Students apply towards the end of their time in Year 5and Year 10, completing an application form before being interviewed. Successful students are announced at the end of year graduation ceremony and then take up their posts at the start of Year 6 and Year 11.

Head boy and Head girl are selected by vote from the year 11 cohort and staff.

Prefects work closely with teachers to help encourage good behavior, welcoming new students and visitors to the school and act as excellent role models for the other students, with their behavior, dress and attendance. The prefect body also play an important role in mentoring younger students. Each prefect is given a form, whom they represent if there are grievances or ideas that need to be shared with teachers. Prefects also help the school to combat bullying, particularly in the playground and relaxation areas during breaks.

There are 20 prefects, including a Head Boy and Head Girl, each linked to a class.


IES is proud to be able to offer a range of exciting special events and activities intended to generate interest and excitement among students and families. Some activities include:

  • • Swimming galas
  • • Sports day
  • • Annual spring carnival
  • • Sheikh Faisal's cup
  • • Class assemblies
  • • Annual concert
  • • International Week
  • • Art week
  • • Book week
  • • World Maths Day
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